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Watch documentary | Smart Drugs features Nikolas Badminton, a busy Futurist who leads a stressed and unhealthy lifestyle. He looks to bio-hacking as a way to improve his health and ‘optimize’ himself into Nik 2.0. He starts taking smart drugs, fasting, and testing out the latest trends as he hops from conferences to TV appearances. He leads us into the bio-hacking capital of the world in Silicon Valley, where everyone from CEOs to coffee baristas live by the principles of bio-hacking – some have even built businesses around it. As Nik dives deeper, his hyper productivity begins to take a toll – the smart drugs might be helping him work harder, but can his body keep up? Are smart drugs the answer for Nik, or anyone else, for that matter? If popping a pill could make you smarter, wittier, and happier would you take it?